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The MAYABEL’s MOVEMENT visit to the Buea Central prison

The number of inmates in the Buea Central Prison has increased rapidly due to the crisis affecting our communities. Hunger, lack of basic needs and lots more are today’s challenges of the inmates in the yards.

It is easy to think about volunteering in places like schools and animal humane societies, but places that are commonly overlooked (and could really use volunteers) like prisons.

Attestation From Superintendent Incharge Buea Prison    

We know we are guilty when we consider nearby places to volunteer ourselves. Maybe it’s because we used to think of prison as a place people chose to be by committing crimes that brought them there in the first place. The thought that they deserve to be there could be in etched in the back of many people’s mind. Even if it is true that people who commit crimes have a debt to pay their society, it’s incredibly important to do our part to help with rehabilitation programs.

Prison overcrowding is becoming a real concern in Cameroon and some state government continually cutting funds, volunteers programs focused on rehabilitation have become essential.

However, promoting more skills acquisition, experiences and knowledge for these inmates to sustain themselves while in the yards and as well leave the yards with better tracks set for their rehabilitation and reintegration have been a huge target for our volunteers over the years.

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